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Re: Evolving Evolution... the " Big Bang " theory is a Catholic priests
Newsgroup: alt.athiesm
Posted by: Masked Avenger
2007-01-04 08:28:41

Bill Carver wrote:
> In article <6nqop21oo20jftbj1sjdto8f85lq3ahrvg@4ax.com>,
> Free Lunch wrote:
>>What a whopper. What religion teaches you to lie?
>>>You believe that because some plants and animals
>>>have similar structure that they somehow turned one to the other.
>>Not only do you lie, but you don't even know what you are lying about.
>>Plants and animals share a common heritage from single-celled organisms
>>that are neither plants nor animals.
>>>the progression is there, not one living being has seen a tadpole turn
>>>into a lion. Just frogs. No lions have turned to birds as I know. It
>>>takes just as much faith to believe in evolution as it does creation.
>>What a remarkably ignorant criticism. It's almost as if you are
>>intentionally acting stupid.
> Hey... Ann Coulter is my favorite intellectual hot babe. You should
> read her book "godless" some time. very informative stuff there. And
> again, my favorite hot babe.

Ann Coulter !!..... oh dear ..... you've just blown ANY credibility you
may have had ...... she's a right wing moron of the highest order ....

>>>I personally find evolution unimportant in the argument. Evolution if
>>>it exists does not disprove the existence of God anyway. You just
>>>think it does.
>>Then why is it necessary for you to lie about evolution?
>>Most Christians belong to denominations that have no problem with
>>evolution. What is your problem?
> No problem with evolution. My problem is with the omitting the theory
> of creation as the other possibility since neither are shown
> definitively to be absolutely true without some form of faith.

wrong again ..... there is NO theory of Creation ...... if there is one,
please point us to it, I've never seen one ........ Evolution, however,
is supported by mountains of evidence ..... more so than the theory of
Gravity or the theory of Electro-magnetism ....... now tell me that
falling off a cliff or using your computer are 'faith' based .....

MA ....Yoiks .... and away .....

Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity
............. and I'm not sure about the Universe ..........
- A. Einstein




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