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Re: Evolving Evolution... the " Big Bang " theory is a Catholic priests invention ( believe it, or not )
Newsgroup: alt.athiesm
Posted by: Mike
2007-01-04 09:12:00

Masked Avenger wrote:
> Bill Carver wrote:

> > No problem with evolution. My problem is with the omitting the theory
> > of creation as the other possibility since neither are shown
> > definitively to be absolutely true without some form of faith.
> wrong again ..... there is NO theory of Creation ...... if there is one,
> please point us to it, I've never seen one ........ Evolution, however,
> is supported by mountains of evidence ..... more so than the theory of
> Gravity or the theory of Electro-magnetism ....... now tell me that
> falling off a cliff or using your computer are 'faith' based .....

There are two questions here that should be distinguished.
Religious idiots deliberately conflate them as a debating tactic.

1) HAS modern life evolved from preexisting distinct and ultimately
simpler forms of life?

2) Is the theory of natural selection an adequate explanation for HOW
life has evolved?

I think it fair to say that the YES answer to 1 is as quite
literally as well established as the fact that the earth is
approximately a sphere rather than a flat plane. Question 2 is where
the bible thumping morons think they have wiggle room. They point out,
correctly, that evolutionary scientists cannot yet explain (and
probably never will for lack of data) every single detail of the
evolutionary record in Darwinian terms and then argue ridiculously that
that somehow casts doubt on question 1. The xians who don't insist on
a stict Genesis creation account argue a NO answer to question 2 and
think that intelligent design is a way to smuggle religion back into
the question. Strictly speaking, if a religious flake wants to argue
that God directed the process of evolution we can't really prove them
wrong. We can only repeat over and over again that the God hypothesis
has nothing to do with scientific epistemology and can shift the burden
of proof. Imagine what the state of moden physics would be if Einstein
had consulted religious opinions when he was trying to work out the
nature of spacetime.




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