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Re: Evolving Evolution... the " Big Bang " theory is a Catholic priests invention ( believe it, or not )
Newsgroup: alt.athiesm
Posted by: Martin Phipps
2007-01-04 09:49:42

Bill Carver wrote:
> In article <1167821944.957820.216790@42g2000cwt.googlegroups.com>,
> "thomas p." wrote:
> > Christians used and justified force as a way of spreading and
> > maintaining Christianity for most of its history. The very idea of
> > toleration for other opinions was considered sinful. Christianity is
> > not unique in this; it is an inevitable feature of any religion or
> > belief that thinks it has "The Truth".
> My white european ancestors in this nation held slaves. Does that make
> me a racist. Have I held slaves?

No but if someone were to have said that the United States had truly
always treated all mean equal then slavery would be a counter example.
Similarly, the crusades, Salem witch trials and Spanish inquisition are
all counter examples to Christian love.

> > That would mean that the religious freedom guaranteed to all would not
> > exist. Prayer is allowed in public school now, just as long as it is a
> > private matter including prayer in on-campus religious clubs. It is
> > misleading to say that prayer is banned in public schools.
> I'm just waiting for the day the ACLU
> comes after military chaplains.

Constitutionally, military chaplains shouldn't be promoting religion
but giving comfort to those who already believe.

Let me put this bluntly: the Christian religion is evil so promoting
the Christian evil is an evil act. It is a historical fact that many
wars have been fought over religion. I can understand why military
leaders would be Christian because the promotion of war keeps them in

> > >I want there to be freedom for
> > > teachers to share their faith or at least the teachings of their faith
> > > with students without fear of losing their jobs.
> >
> > In other words you want the state to pay for the teaching of religion,
> > and I somehow doubt you would apply that freedom to any faith.
> Not necessarily. I want the state not to omit in it's social teaching
> the religious beliefs of many cultures. Too often in curriculum current
> religious teachings of all religions are censored. Any reference to
> christianity in social studies class is forbidden except for the
> crusades which you elude to earlier. Judiasm is also not allowed.
> However we do have Islamic tolerance classes, and plenty of teachings of
> what buddists believe.

At what grade level? Are you seriously telling me that elementary
school students are learning about Islam and Buddhism? All religion
should be keep out of elementary school because it is dangerous. Did
you read about the "good" Christian who killed his roommate for being
an atheist? When he was convicted, members of his family were chanting
"The only good atheist is a dead atheist." You similarly have theists
(including Christians) killing homosexuals because the very existance
of homosexuals offends them. You don't have atheists killing theists
for being theists. Religion is inherently dangerous and there should
be no mention of it in front of impressionable children!

> I could literally see a class at the high school
> level that would be entitled something like spirituality and man and
> Man's beliefs.

I proposed this in an earlier post. A "comparative religion" course
would enable young adults to see for themselves how silly religion is.

> And of course include belief that no God exists. I just
> don't want the cultures of man in social studies classes to be
> purposfully not taught.

I agree. And yet the promotion of any one religion alone excludes
others. Can you not see that?

> > I want the freedom to
> > > display a menora, nativity scene, or crescent or other religious symbol
> > > on public land during a national holiday season. Just as you may place
> > > a picture of yourself on public property to worship yourself since
> > > you're your own god.
> >
> > You must know that that is both silly and insulting.
> I'm sure you'll get over it.

You were also very insulting earlier when you suggested that science
requires "faith". You need to watch yourself. The vast majority of
replies to your posts have been polite. You are starting to get nasty.

> > >I want Catholic Priests to not have to hide from
> > > death in China and other parts of the world for simply sharing their
> > > beliefs.
> >
> > So do I. The very best way to protect religious freedom for all is to
> > keep government out of it.
> that's just our point. In these modern times, Our government is trying
> to prevent religious people from expressing their beliefs in fear of
> lawsuits

No. It's because the constitution prevents the government from
promoting religion. You're being dishonest here.





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