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Re: Evolving Evolution... the " Big Bang " theory is a Catholic priests invention ( believe it, or not )
Newsgroup: alt.athiesm
Posted by: Martin Phipps
2007-01-04 10:07:17

Bill Carver wrote:
> In article ,
> "Denis Loubet" wrote:
> > But believers in god did that on 9/11/01. Did you forget that? And it was
> > pretty clear they did it for religious reasons.
> I'm sure this answer will light a fire under some people's posteriors,
> but the God of Islam which the terrorists invoked is not God.

Are you familiar with the psychological condition known as "denial"?
When a truth is too unbearable to face we scream "No, it's not true"
even when it is and everyone else knows it is.

> > No. I know of no atheist that considers himself a supreme being. You'll just
> > have to create another straw man.
> Let me ask it plainly then. Is there any being superior to man?

Why do we require a being superior to man?

I always find it amusing when people in other cultures attribute their
historic advances in science, medicine, architecture and agriculture to
their gods. Why do they belittle their ancesters so much by giving the
credit to imaginary beings?

> > You've already created the strawmen -- about atheists thinking they're
> > supreme beings -- to slander atheists with accusations of arrogance. A
> > slander that Christianity has pursued for 2000 years. Forgive me if that
> > makes it difficult for me to separate you from the evils that Christianity
> > in general engenders. You seem to be going out of your way to be part of the
> > problem.
> I don't think so. You're just having difficulty digesting a
> philosophical statement. by "you" in the sentence of "you being your
> own god", I should have said "man" being his own god. Sorry if i
> confused the issue and made it personal there.

You are being deceitful. You claimed earlier that an atheist would
worship "his own picture". If you didn't mean to say that then you
should apologize.

> > > To allow public prayer in a school so long as it is
> > > condoned by a majority of parents.
> >
> > And fuck the children and parents who don't condone it. How freedom loving
> > is that?
> they can use that time to read, do homework or whatever else they choose
> to do at that time.

Then the theists should quietly pray in a separate room.

> > > Just as you may place
> > > a picture of yourself on public property to worship yourself since
> > > you're your own god.
> >
> > There you go again, lying for your cause.
> Wow! You learned something from the great Ronaldus Maximus. (Reagan) :)

If you didn't mean to say that then you should apologize.

> > > I want Catholic Priests to not have to hide from
> > > death in China and other parts of the world for simply sharing their
> > > beliefs.
> >
> > You mean for breaking the laws of a soverign nation? I would prefer they not
> > go over there for the purpose of breaking them.
> Unjust laws should be broken. Study Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and
> countless other great civil rights leaders of the past.

The Chinese people have the right to defend themselves against
Christian fundamentalism. Not at all costs, mind you, but the danger
is there. I'm sure they see Christianity as no less a threat than
Islam, and look how dangerous that can get!

> > > All mankind has the right to speak under our first amendment.
> > No, that only applies to American soil. You seem very confused.
> Our founding fathers believed that the rights we have to life, liberty
> and the p[u]rsuit of happiness which is the foundation of your government
> today did not come from the constitution, but were endowed by the
> creator.

You're implying that the founding fathers all believed in God. This is
demonstratively not true.

In any case, Christians don't believe in happiness. Menonites and
Quakers don't even believe in music and dancing or Tv and movies or
wearing colourful clothes. But they still enjoy religious freedom
because they keep to themselves and hence don't pose any threat to

> If you don't believe in a creator, then think of the belief as
> a natural law of humanity. It knows no borders. It's because of people
> that are not willing to let people suffer tyranny that places like
> Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia,
> Poland, East Germany and other eastern bloc countries are free to this
> day.

And atheists are. What are you implying? The tone of your posts has
changed and they are starting to get extremely insulting.

> Dennis, I can say with certainty that I have probably been the most
> civil person here on this board talking to you.

Been. Past tense.

> What motivation have I
> to lie about you. I know that somewhere behind all these bits on the
> screen which is the only way I can have a conversation is a Man created
> by a God who's lost. May you find Him in your lifetime.

I sincerely hope you come to your senses because with every person who
disavows religion we come that much closer to peace on Earth.





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