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Re: Evolving Evolution... the " Big Bang " theory is a Catholic priests invention ( believe it, or not )
Newsgroup: alt.athiesm
Posted by: thomas p.
2007-01-04 10:29:50

Bill Carver skrev:
> In article ,
> "..andnothingbut" wrote:
> >
> > You have something to share, alright ignorance, idol worship, arrogance,
> > inquizitions, witch trials, torture, murder, etc..
> >
> > What atheists have to offer is SELF RESPONSIBILITY!
> So does God.

No, according to your beliefs things are right or wrong because god
says they are, and one as the freedom to obey god or to be grotesquely
punished by god.

> > Your claim suggests I have no honor, integrity, honesty or even social
> > worth unless I believe in something that ancient sheepherders invented.
> > Shove your arrogance!!!
> Not in the least. I have argued my points politely and with much
> thought. I have in no way purposfully disrespected you. I do believe
> you have honor, integrity and infinite social worth. So does God.
> I'm just sharing with you news of a higher being that you obviously are
> still unaware of that loves you even to death on a cross.

Then you really should provide good reasons for us to believe you.

> No arrogance here. I am totally at peace.

Your responses here contradict you.




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