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Re: Russian Girl's Life With A Yeti
Newsgroup: alt.bigfoot.research
Posted by: Zana
2008-09-05 16:07:05

"firefly" wrote in message news:Az5wk.20614$mh5.16137@nlpi067.nbdc.sbc.com...
> If a 1,000 lb bigfoot laid on top of that girl she would have died instantly.
> ---firefly

The species of cryptobipeds of that area are called Almas. They
reportedly have less mass than the Bigfoots of the NW.

'The Sasquatch and the Yeti, from the descriptions available, are large
and very ape-like. But there is another wildman, the Almas, which seems
smaller and more human. Reports of the Almas are concentrated in an
area extending from Mongolia in the north, south through the Pamirs,
and then westward into the Caucasus region. Similar reports come from
Siberia and the far north-east parts of the Russian republic.'

> "Robbie Wise" wrote:
>> http://farshores.org/c04bf11.htm
>> Russian Girl's Life With A Yeti




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