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Re: PIR interfering with wireless network
Newsgroup: alt.comp.networking.connectivity
Posted by: ray
2009-02-20 23:58:00

"Rambo" wrote in message
> Peter Hucker wrote:
>> On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 08:48:23 -0000, Rambo wrote:
>>> Peter Hucker wrote:
>>>> On Wed, 18 Feb 2009 23:51:16 -0000, Rambo
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Geek.
>>> Stupide reply - or perhaps you did not know what a crlf is.
>> Yes I do. They are to be used at the end of a paragraph.
> OK, now i understand your problem. crlf is NOT the end of a paragraph, but
> he end of a LINE in windows/dos(for linux it's only a LF and for Mac it's
> only a CR).... You should have a look in binary of a text file created by
> notepad ....

Thanks Rambo - A very good explanation !




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