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Re: PIR interfering with wireless network
Newsgroup: alt.comp.networking.connectivity
Posted by: Peter Hucker
2009-02-21 19:20:01

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 23:52:34 -0000, Rambo wrote:

> Peter Hucker wrote:
>> On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 08:48:23 -0000, Rambo wrote:
>>> Peter Hucker wrote:
>>>> On Wed, 18 Feb 2009 23:51:16 -0000, Rambo wrote:
>>>>> Peter Hucker wrote:
>>>>>> On Mon, 16 Feb 2009 22:18:59 -0000, Rambo wrote:
>>>>>>> Peter Hucker wrote:


>>>>>>> He did not speak about the start time, but he speak about "the time
>>>>>>> during the green ligth is on". Following your theory, this time must be
>>>>>>> decreased to permit just "fast enough" people to cross the street.
>>>>>>> I agree with his conclusion: ... the rest of people, you don't care
>>>>>>> ....very egoïst attitude ....
>>>>>> The green light is on for the average person. It certainly does not allow for zimmer speed.
>>>>> "zimmer spped" ? write in english please !
>>>> It's plain English. Zimmer speed is the speed of a zimmer frame.
>>> "Zimmer speed" did not give interesting links in Google .... "Zimmer
>>> frame" - Yes .... It's your culture .. not mine.
>> Zimmer speed is obviously the speed of a Zimmer frame. FFS.
>>>>>> And unless you're a complete moron, you don't sit at a red light waiting for someone who has finished crossing ages ago.
>>>>> You are the moron while understanding "start time" and "time length".
>>>> THAT isn't English.
>>> Correct, i rephrase it:
>>> You are the moron while understanding "start time" instead of "time length".
>> I've forgotten what the fuck we were discussing now.
>>>>> My reply was to explain it to you.
>>>>> And i repeat i agree with his conclusions about not using
>>>>> CRLF (CarriageReturn - LineFeed)
>>>> Geek.
>>> Stupide reply - or perhaps you did not know what a crlf is.
>> Yes I do. They are to be used at the end of a paragraph.
> OK, now i understand your problem. crlf is NOT the end of a paragraph,
> but he end of a LINE in windows/dos(for linux it's only a LF and for Mac
> it's only a CR).... You should have a look in binary of a text file
> created by notepad ....

You don't need to mark the end of a line. The line continues until you want a fresh one, when changing subject. Imagine when you're typing an essay into Word. You don't press enter until you want a new paragraph. New lines are created temporarily upon displaying the text, according to the width of the page.

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