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Re: 360 Premium 20g with 20 games question about price
Newsgroup: alt.games.video.xbox
Posted by: NiGHTS
2008-06-25 17:50:06

Blig Merk wrote:
> You better sell it while you can and as soon as you can because after
> E3 next month, it will only get half of what you can get now. I said
> it for HD-DUD and I say it for xflop 3-shitty: FIRE SALE!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Blig Merk prediction machine:

"20% of the time it works... everytime!"

NiGHTS/Nightcrawler [mWo]
I feel asleep!

"If Gods so fuckin' perfect why'd he fuck up on you?"




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