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Re: *SIGH* Glitches of War 2
Newsgroup: alt.games.video.xbox
Posted by: BoodyBandit
2008-10-24 17:04:53

"terryfied" wrote in message
>> Same glitches in Gears of War 2 that were in 1.
>> Still getting it but I am disappointed. Makes you wonder if Epic did
>> anything to the engine since the first one.
> I played through Gears of War at least six times, solo and co-op, and
> never encountered a single glitch.
> I know they existed, as I viewed them on youtube, just that I
> personally didn't encounter any.
> I appreciate what you're saying though, and I agree.

The glitches in Gears online were so bad that I only played with friends in
the end. Most of my friends wouldn't glitch at first but started to a couple
months in. I ultimately stopped playing Gears of War because of the
glitches. Epic patched the game a few times but only defeated a few glitches
and ended up causing even more.

One glitch that got on my last nerve was the exploding chainsaw glitch. It
is still in Gears today.

I honestly wonder if Gears 2 isn't just an expansion of the original. I mean
this game is only being played by a handful of people are already there are
quite a few glitches. How bad is it going to be when glitch exploiters get
their hands on this title?

I might actually give a few RPG (not an RPG fan but I might try to change
that this year) titles like Fable 2 and Fallout 3 a try if this game ends up
being as bad as I think it will. So far I am disappointed with both Gears
and Resistance 2.




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