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Re: PS3 Supports GameTrailers, More Bad News for Xbox
Newsgroup: alt.games.video.xbox
Posted by: NiGHTS
2008-10-24 17:28:22

Jordan wrote:
> On Oct 23, 7:17 pm, NiGHTS
> wrote:
>> One of my co-workers uses his ps3 web browser in lieu of a computer and
>> has little interest in owning a pc. I keep telling him to at least
>> install Ubuntu on it but he's just fine without apparently. I guess he's
>> kind of a moron really.
> On a side note... does anyone know why PSN is so freakin' slow?
> I got my key for the Resistance 2 public beta last night and I started
> downloading the 2.2 gig file around 6 PM. It's now 4:40 AM and the
> file is only 37% complete (824 MB).

Didn't the new firmware update allow the PS3 to automatically switch
itself off after downloads are finished? Since it's a lot quieter than
the 360 I don't mind leaving mine on while I sleep.

NiGHTS/Nightcrawler [mWo]
I feel asleep!

"If Gods so fuckin' perfect why'd he fuck up on you?"




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