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Re: Hackers Exploit Banking Sites
Newsgroup: alt.hackers.malicious
Posted by: -=Biscuit=-
2006-08-04 01:29:35

Juan Tootreego <123Go@notbx.edu> delighted us to no end by taking a
lime green crayon and scribbling in
news:MPG.1f3c423fe8c4e02698a8b3@notbxpats.edu, on the hallowed day
of Thu 03 Aug 2006 06:26:57p:

>> I'd rather write my own than fix someone else's. Seems no one
>> documents their code any more :(
> "if it was hard to write, it should be hard to read"

Yeah, fuck that. None of us live forever, and someday anyone's code
will need to be maintained by someone else.

Not documenting makes as much sense as a 20,000 character one

-=Mara=- CatTard #1
If stupidity was painful, The Rocky Mountains would be full of




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