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Re: Contesting Information
Newsgroup: alt.ham-radio.hf
Posted by: Bryan
2008-06-29 23:31:39

Rick wrote:
> I was listening to people making field day contacts yesterday and heard
> stations saying "Alpha 4" or "Alpha 3" as part of their information.
> These were not part of their call signs.
> To what do these refer?
> Thanks.
> Rick

It's part of the information exchange that is required to validate a contact
as part of Field Day. Each station must log the contacted station's

The first half of the first part is a number, signifying the maximum number
of simultaneously operating transmitters. The second half of the first part
is a letter, signifying the classification:
A = Club or a non-club group of three or more persons set up specifically
for Field Day.
B = A Field Day station set up and operated by no more than two persons.
C = Stations in vehicles capable of operating while in motion and normally
operated in this manner.
D = Stations operating from permanent or licensed station locations using
commercial power.
E = Stations operating from permanent or licensed station locations using
emergency power.
F = An amateur radio station at an established Emergency Operations Center
activated by a club or non-club group.
Thus, a station sending "4A" would be a club station (or station with 3 or
more non-club operators), with up to 4 simultaneous transmissions. See
http://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2008/fd.html for further detail.

The second part is the ARRL/RAC section, as defined at

Bryan WA7PRC
FD2008 - 2E WWA




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