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Re: Data gathering - your every move is being watched
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by: OM SHIVA!108
2008-03-11 17:24:10

On Mar 10, 2:39 pm, Blah wrote:
> OM SHIVA!108 wrote:
> > Have some respect for the sacred Mother Earth Bill. You have some very
> > very very very hard lesson to learn Billy boy. Threatening me with
> > computor viruses is not how you will transcend your perverted
> > capitalist karma. You can only transcend that by giving ALL you
> > pervert world money to the Dine'h and Leonard Peltier and the like. Ok
> > you can keep a 30 acres farm in the mountains.
> > Now piss off, theres a good chap.
> No, I want a 3 million acre farm /leisure park in North Wales - with
> your shitbox excuse for a home to be transformed into a store for my
> wellies, for when I need to step out of my world...

Not for sale mate :)




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