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Re: Looking for more and a donation.
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by: Frosty
2008-03-11 17:52:03

On Mar 10, 3:48=A0am, "OM SHIVA!108" wrote:
> On Mar 9, 6:34 pm, Frosty wrote:
> > I am starting a new book to raise funds for that indoor pool.http://www.=
tewateiahsatakaritat.com/pool/This is the website which
> > has not been updated in sometime. =A0I am looking for two things.
> > One just a donation of $1.00 sent to me to make things simple. =A0To the=

> > address on the website.
> > Second request is about the following.
> > If you have a short funny personal story like this one
> > I just recalled another story, a new inspector on one of the jobs I
> > was working near Times Square was very nervous about being up 40
> > floors looking down on the street. His job was not what he figured.
> > See his job was to inspect the bolts to make sure they were tight
> > according to spec's. He was asked to check the bolts with a torque
> > wrench so depending or where a ironworker would walk to the point and
> > use the wrench to show him it was okay. Problem was he did not want to
> > leave the planked floors. The late Roy Mayo noticed this and walked
> > over to the guy with a tape measure and asked the guy if he could
> > measure his boots. =A0Why do you want to do that he asked Roy? =A0Roy
> > replied just in case you fall I wanted to see if those new boots you
> > are wearing will fit me. =A0Sad to say we never saw that inspector
> > again.
> > If you send me a story, please make it short as possible. =A0I was
> > hoping to get =A0at least 100 pages. =A0You can email it to me in the
> > subject area use FUNNY BOOK. You can leave out names if you like but
> > years from now those unborn children would have know idea the story is
> > about there grand parents or even anyone else that was family.
> > I hope to sell the book like the first one and all profits will go to
> > start some sort of indoor pool. =A0 You even if we can get a small
> > enough one to treat our elders that would be nice. =A0I still have about=

> > 100 books of poems for sale at $10.00 plus postage. =A0That I can do by
> > sending them C.O.D. =A0The whole $10.00 goes to the pool as I have
> > donated the cost of printing the books that I have.
> > Please share this your friends and let them know it is not scam, every
> > cent collected is the bank account of TEWATEIAHSATAKARITAT. =A0If you
> > just want to make a donation of more or less which would not include
> > the book you can do that via check, made out =A0to TEWATEIAHSATAKARITAT
> > Ronald Deere or Frosty.
> Why should I give anything to someone that has shown no respect for
> what I have to say whatsoever?- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

Well to begin with the funds go to the people and not my. So that
starts us off on a good note. Then it is only $1.00, copare that to
what I saw on PBS, send $25 to save a child and send $28 to save a
dog. Seems humans are worth $3 less, then maybe they got it right
when we compare one to the other.

Then I have know idea what you are talking about about no respect
about anything you wrote to me.




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