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Re: Looking for more and a donation.
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by: Frosty
2008-03-11 18:07:49

On Mar 10, 10:03 pm, "blutur...@gmail.com"
> On Mar 9, 8:34 am, Frosty wrote:
> > I am starting a new book to raise funds for that indoor pool.http://www.tewateiahsatakaritat.com/pool/ This is the website which
> > has not been updated in sometime. I am looking for two things.
> > One just a donation of $1.00 sent to me to make things simple. To the
> > address on the website.
> > Second request is about the following.
> > If you have a short funny personal story like this one
> > I just recalled another story, a new inspector on one of the jobs I
> > was working near Times Square was very nervous about being up 40
> > floors looking down on the street. His job was not what he figured.
> > See his job was to inspect the bolts to make sure they were tight
> > according to spec's. He was asked to check the bolts with a torque
> > wrench so depending or where a ironworker would walk to the point and
> > use the wrench to show him it was okay. Problem was he did not want to
> > leave the planked floors. The late Roy Mayo noticed this and walked
> > over to the guy with a tape measure and asked the guy if he could
> > measure his boots. Why do you want to do that he asked Roy? Roy
> > replied just in case you fall I wanted to see if those new boots you
> > are wearing will fit me. Sad to say we never saw that inspector
> > again.
> > If you send me a story, please make it short as possible. I was
> > hoping to get at least 100 pages. You can email it to me in the
> > subject area use FUNNY BOOK. You can leave out names if you like but
> > years from now those unborn children would have know idea the story is
> > about there grand parents or even anyone else that was family.
> > I hope to sell the book like the first one and all profits will go to
> > start some sort of indoor pool. You even if we can get a small
> > enough one to treat our elders that would be nice. I still have about
> > 100 books of poems for sale at $10.00 plus postage. That I can do by
> > sending them C.O.D. The whole $10.00 goes to the pool as I have
> > donated the cost of printing the books that I have.
> > Please share this your friends and let them know it is not scam, every
> > cent collected is the bank account of TEWATEIAHSATAKARITAT. If you
> > just want to make a donation of more or less which would not include
> > the book you can do that via check, made out to TEWATEIAHSATAKARITAT
> > Ronald Deere or Frosty.
> Aloha Ron,
> I almost missed you through most of the nonsense being posted. Best of
> everything with
> your latest venture! You are going to dive off the board when the Pool
> is opened yes?
> Much Aloha to you and yours!
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Well I avoid this if possible because I have no intrest in getting
into work wars with people. I also have to much on my mind, like
writting songs, peoms and books.
Here is something I wrote today.

Don't STOP, Keep on trying.
March 11, 2008
Written by Ronald A Deere aka Frosty.

You know for years I have tired to reach a goal in my life
And for some time something stopped me trying.
I stopped because I felt no matter how much I tried.
I was not going to reach that goal.
After all five bypasses and one heart attack life was over.
Then I learned I was diabetic and had Parkinson's.
Life was coming to an end no reason to keep trying.
Now I figured out one must keep on trying and not think about dying.
One will happen that is for sure
The other one has to fight the fight so keep on trying.




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