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Re: Orca Vs. Spermwhale
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by: Fred Williams
2008-03-11 21:45:32

On Tuesday 11 March 2008 14:22, Way Back Jack wrote:

> Orca is said to be king of the sea, with no known marine predators.
> Orca has been seen literally tossing the Great White shark out through
> the water into the air. On the other hand, spermwhale is the largest
> toothed (carnivorous) whale, and, presumably the most powerful. He
> obviously has no marine predators either.
> So in a fight between orca and spermwhale, who wins?

The Orca, because of the jaws. They are designed for taking on large
prey and are very powerful. The Sperm whale hunts squid. It has a
long skinny jaw that wouldn't stand up to a lot of pressure. You never
see a sperm whale tossing sharks in the air, nor hunting Great Blue
whales. Orcas do not turn down killing a great Blue if they're hungry.
It's been recorded at least once on video. I don't think that they
could ram an orca either without risking damage to their sonar
mechanism. Whales tend to strike with their tails on occasion but the
Orca is more manoeverable and could easily avoid that.
This is one case where size would just mean a bigger feast, although I
have no recollection of ever hearing of orcas attacking a Sperm Whale.
It's not their usual prey, but who monitors such things?





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