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Re: Orca Vs. Spermwhale
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by:
2008-03-12 16:17:19

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 17:45:32 -0400, Fred Williams

>On Tuesday 11 March 2008 14:22, Way Back Jack wrote:
>> Orca is said to be king of the sea, with no known marine predators.
>> Orca has been seen literally tossing the Great White shark out through
>> the water into the air. On the other hand, spermwhale is the largest
>> toothed (carnivorous) whale, and, presumably the most powerful. He
>> obviously has no marine predators either.
>> So in a fight between orca and spermwhale, who wins?
> The Orca, because of the jaws. They are designed for taking on large
>prey and are very powerful. The Sperm whale hunts squid. It has a
>long skinny jaw that wouldn't stand up to a lot of pressure. You never
>see a sperm whale tossing sharks in the air, nor hunting Great Blue
>whales. Orcas do not turn down killing a great Blue if they're hungry.
>It's been recorded at least once on video. I don't think that they
>could ram an orca either without risking damage to their sonar
>mechanism. Whales tend to strike with their tails on occasion but the
>Orca is more manoeverable and could easily avoid that.
> This is one case where size would just mean a bigger feast, although I
>have no recollection of ever hearing of orcas attacking a Sperm Whale.
>It's not their usual prey, but who monitors such things?

In the next life, I want to be an orca. They have neither marine,
nor, as far as I know, human predators. Humans seem to regard them
affectionately, if not reverentially.




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