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Re: Much more intelligent
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by: OM SHIVA!108
2008-03-12 16:35:11

On Mar 12, 4:06 pm, "BAC" wrote:
> "Osvald Hotz De Baar" wrote in messagenews:85lft3tnb8700t1412rpmabem7hsc1shc8@4ax.com...
> > On Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:33:17 +0000, amacmil...@aol.com wrote:
> >>http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7291501.stm
> >>Much more intelligent than we give them credit for.
> > That's a lovely story and goes to show yet again animals deserve more
> > credit than we give them.
> > Now all we need do is try and get that in the thick skulls of the
> > garden gnomes who think fishing is fun.
> Dolphins think fishing is fun, too :-)

Its basically Mother Earth intellegence - yes really, and the Makah
whalehunt is Mother Earth give way. Yes really white supremisist
materialist perverted scum. Have some respect for indigenous
traditions and culture and religion. Its is the western paradigm that
is the disease, the sickness that is trying to kill both itself,
indigenous reality and the Mother Earth.




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