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Re: 6th grandchild - finally here
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by: oldwifetale
2008-03-12 16:39:45

On Mar 11, 9:07=A0pm, "blutur...@gmail.com" wrote:
> On Mar 11, 10:12=A0am, oldwifetale wrote:
> > He was born last night, the sky was clear and calm, and it all
> > happened very quickly as if he was trying to slip into the world
> > unnoticed (no chance of that happening while i'm around :)). This
> > morning when i saw him again, he slept in my arms peacefully. He is a
> > beautiful serene boy like the night of his birth.
> > Mother and baby are doing well.
> > But for someone who has only daughters... i sure am getting a lot of
> > grandsons. :)
> Grand children are the best! Congratulations!
> We just celebrated our youngest granddaughters first birthday last
> month.
> I have two granddaughters and two grandsons now. Three of them have
> birthdays a day apart in Feb. My younger daughter and her family live
> with
> us to help take care of me. It is wonderful to see my grand babies
> grow up
> in front of my eyes. There are somethings only grand parents can do, I
> am now convinced!
> Nothing feels nicer than your grand babies in your arms, again
> congratulations!
> lisa

Thank you, Lisa. I agree, there is something so special about
grandchildren, somehow even beyond the bond of parent-child. It is a
different kind of relationship. For me, it is sorta like the 'reward'
after some of the hard times and sacrifices of parenting.
Grandchildren are the best, for sure, and i think we need them as much
as they need us. :)




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