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Re: BBC Archive / Family Secrets
Newsgroup: alt.native
Posted by: Ishtar
2008-03-12 17:02:56

Final Post


To those who have taken an interest, I'd like to inform you that I
not be posting on 'newsgroups' any more. I've had enough of promoting
a unique analysis and healing formula and being only ignored or

I can give verbal abuse too, and I'll explain all that briefly for
who are interested.

The forgotten betrayal, the forgotten child abuse, in the
survivalist-mode mother-infant relationship, has been the best-kept
secret of the
past eleven thousand years.
This hidden child abuse by every mother in the world make us what we
are and makes our civilisation what it is.
It is the initial contamination in our lives, the initial wrong
turning, which leads us down the wrong road for the rest of our lives,
unconsciously generating more pain and chaos. Nobody sees it yet,
because you don't remember your infancy.
It's action-reaction, it's abuse breeding more abuse, denial and
amnesia breeding repetition.
This is elementary human psychology. We don't need "experts" to
explain the correct healing formula to us. Life is simple, solutions
are simple.

As Bernardo Bertolluci put it:
'Children are tortured until they tell their first lie.'
A newborn babe is sane and perceives the world clearly. Vocabulary has
yet to be mastered, but the emotional and physical dynamics in the
mother-infant relationship are perceived exactly as they are by
It is sometimes called 'all-or-nothing polarity in the infant's
I have retained this all-or-nothing polarised thinking as part of my
personality, when I choose to enter that mode.
This is not a bad thing, not a sickness to be cured.
You say it is, because you are afraid of my acute perceptions,
merciless logic and
emotional intensity.
Yet the scripture says 'unless you become as little children, you will
not enter heaven....' .....heaven being a metaphor for a sane
civilisation here on earth, based largely upon restoring natural
functioning to the mother-infant relationship...
The sickness needing to be cured is the inability of adults to think
infants think, with clarity of perception and faultless logic.
The 'first lie' is told when the mother breaks her baby's heart by
communicating toxic shame regarding the most delightful parts of the
body, the purpose being to rationalise the mother's refusal to allow
natural functioning by letting the infant return her caresses - the
lie being the doctrine that the mother did nothing wrong.
That is when the baby becomes as an adult, learning to lie to himself
in order to
retain acceptance of the family and peer group.
'Children are tortured until they tell their first lie.'

This is the Biggest Secret, this is where we all go off the rails or
onto the wrong track at the start of our lives, and then we forget,
and we forget we have forgotten.... so that the road back to sanity is
long and slow.

My analysis and healing formula are there for anyone to look at again.
It is the correct analysis and healing formula.

There is a collective human consciousness in the deeper layers of our
minds, containing archetypes or basic racial knowledge and memories.
Prominent in that collective consciousness is the secret knowledge of
forgotten betrayal in everyone's infancy, as the toxic shame comes out
of the
mother and the baby is forbidden to return the mother's loving
caresses as
given. And so that collective consciousness also contains the vast
emotional legacy of the collective repressed rage of every baby ever
born on earth in the
past eleven thousand years.
THAT is what was coming out of me, because I let myself become aware
the secret abuse of infancy, everybody' infancy. I was letting myself
feel and conduct and express some of that repressed rage which has
denied and left festering deep inside every human being, including
you, for the past eleven thousand years.

You call that 'crazy.'
I call it a collective healing exercise for all of us, if you would be
willing to understand it.

I've had enough now. I'll damage myself if I continue communicating
this analysis and healing formula to a world that is not yet ready to
the several mental leaps required to see it and implement it, so
for my own wellbeing, I wont be writing here any more.

It was good while it lasted, by which I mean it was a great
to publish that message so widely without any support from anyone,
other than the muted signals of acceptance from a small number of

There seems to be a negative countercurrent starting, meaning some
crafted posts appearing here and there to attack and ridicule my work.
This is to be expected. It's 'Murphy's Law' on the web. I don't want
to get involved in answering anything like that.
What matters is that the healing formula is there for the small number
of people who can
make the mental and emotional leaps necessary to see it clearly. If
read this, I ask them again to think carefully about "Plan B," meaning
what they intend to do if the opportunity comes to collectively
restore natural functioning to
the mother-infant relationship in some parts of the earth. If the
opportunity doesn't come in our lifetimes, you should consider
this analysis and healing formula to your children when they are
as the opportunity for collective healing may come in their lifetimes.

That is all. I have to go now, to preserve my sanity.
And it IS sanity, everything I wrote is - in different ways - an
of sanity, whereas your addiction to permanent pain is the opposite of
sanity, but you don't recognise it as such because you don't remember
your infancy. I'm not criticising people. It's just that as a species
we are not ready yet to recover our ancient sanity.

It's unfortunate. There can never be any sustainable progress for
humanity until we restore natural functioning to the mother-infant
Ignoring that analysis and healing formula condemns us to thousands of
years more of all this pain you read about in the newspapers and
history books.

No "experts" are needed to cure the world's ills - only the
willingness to think straight and to recover the lost memories of
infancy, the infancy of the person and the infancy of the tribe, and
then to make the collective decision to remove the initial
contamination of toxic shame and injustice that all infants must
endure and then forget and then unconsciously repeat......

Thank you for reading, all of you. I wont read any replies. I've had

"I Still Miss Someone"





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