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Re: He writes "stories"
Newsgroup: alt.support.boy-lovers
Posted by: =?ISO-8859-1?B?qrqqYW5kY2Fyb2xlrg==?=
2008-03-03 12:42:19

On Mar 3, 2:30=EF=BF=BDam, Baal =

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> =EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BDandca=EF=BF=BDole wrote in alt.support.boy-love=
rs on Wednesday 27 February
> 2008 22:30 in Message-ID:
> <3853a07a-b45c-4606-8c13-6f2c434f1...@8g2000hse.googlegroups.com>:
> [snip]
> > Read the post entitled "Plaque Frank R. McCoy" =EF=BF=BDpedo frank had
> > this coming for a long time. Do some research on "Pedo U"
> > frank was in the "Family Counseling Office Pedo University Usenet
> > campus"
> So what? You don't think there were cops in there, reading every post?
> (Just like there are here....)
> Obviously, the authorities didn't seem to think it meant anything
> in 1998, or they would have arrested him _then_ ....
> > He deserves to go down and I don't give a rats ass how they do it.
> That says far more about you than it does about him.
> > I *strongly* suspect there's more to this case than we
> > know at the moment. Hold your judgement, at least for now.
> Yeah, right. You forget, I was there at the time. I saw Frank participate
> in the group, first-hand.

Yeah, you had your dirty little hands in the cookie jar also.

He did nothing illegal under U.S. law, that I
> observed. Given that the authorities were monitoring the group, I guess
> they didn't see anything either. So much for your suspicions.
> /I/ strongly suspect that politics is what's at issue here--somebody's
> trying to use Frank's case as a springboard into politics, I'd wager.

Sure, it's all "politics" anytime a child pornographer or child
is arrested. Now give us the drivel about how you perverts are
"being discriminated against" because of sexual orientation.

> I'll bet that it'll be just as unsuccessful as Dennis 'Wacko' Vacco's
> "Pedo U" publicity stunt in trying to get himself re-elected. It was most
> interesting that of the one or two dozen ISPs that carried the group in
> New York State, the /only/ ones to get their servers seized were in
> _precisely_ those Districts where Vacco needed the most votes to get
> re-elected.
> - From a contemporary story published on CNet:http://www.news.com/2100-102=
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BD[...]
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDBoth the attorney general's office and its critics call=
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDTuesday's confiscation unprecedented. EPIC's Sobel said=
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDorganization had never heard of a similar seizure of a =
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDserver, a move that Wurzel called "groundbreaking."
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDThe ISPs' best defense may be to claim that they didn't=
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDthat copies of the images existed on their servers, a p=
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDtaken by BuffNet today. BuffNet denied it had been warn=
ed of
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDthe pornography, the email inquiry from the undercover =
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDnotwithstanding.
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BD"The agent stated that he had found this picture throug=
h the
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDnewsgroup and implied that he did so through a BuffNet =
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDBuffNet attorney Steve Fox acknowledged. "He did not sa=
y that the
> | =EF=BF=BDimage was still available on the newsgroup, and I, as an attorn=
> | =EF=BF=BDlooked at the pictures in there and did not see anything illega=
> Note the statement above, by the lawyer for Buffnet--he examined the
> images in the group and didn't find anything illegal.
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BD[...]
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDBuffNet posted a statement in response to the seizure. =
Both in the
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDstatement and in comments to News.com, BuffNet suggeste=
d that the
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDattorney general's actions were politically motivated.
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BD"The attorney general has a legitimate concern about ch=
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDpornography on the Internet," BuffNet vice president an=
d co-owner
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDMike Hassett acknowledged. "But his ultimate motivation=
is the
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDelection we're having on Tuesday. He won last election =
with upstate
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDNew York votes, and for this raid he chose ISPs in upst=
ate areas
> =EF=BF=BD =EF=BF=BDto make his point."
> Baal
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> Retired Lecturer, Encryption and Data Security, Pedo U, Usenet Campus
> - --
> "Sed quis custodiet ipsos Custodes?" =EF=BF=BD-- =EF=BF=BD"Who will watch =
the Watchmen?"
-- Juvenal, Satires, VI, 347. circa 128 AD
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> AlDLhOZs8TjSN30ljruAnkXllKjDbqmJ6HFti3ZLn0bEwRwllnEThmnDHg5A2P8x
> 8sz0yRF6kAOf8p6X2TXgLXh2GoitTz/Q9BnuYCILrkUVlqsQIkOAoFabDdCPwkJn
> IxZRwU3Wi5RStrHlM/GKhf6w0wgb2x4kBtKK5VqPtAxWA6JWlcOY9OlaD085QSB2
> bcRhAw/mafRNNUQLt2LiBC4bQsnQ9wPQ+nz3gJ4XKciCa7ZTELdN2TaOKH2IFWU=3D
> =3Dw48B




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