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Re: Clozapine now Abilify later
Newsgroup: alt.support.schizophrenia
Posted by: Quiet Neighbor
2007-01-21 20:54:10

With Abilify I couldn't sit still through a movie. I hated it. (I got some
laundry done though.)

"Gabriel Knight" <111111111111@hotmail.com.au> wrote in message
> Hi all im new to this group I have just found it, here is my situation.
> I have been a schizophrenic since age 4, I hear my thoughts and talk to
> myself in my head I get some good conversations going and have a prity
> good controll over them. When I read, at times I cant keep up with how I
> read or see words and start off where I stoped and continue to hear my
> thoughts. Well this sort of illness went into overdrive when I was a
> teenager, I was a cannabis smoker and experimented with speed and a bad
> acid trip back then and when I decided to quit all drugs about then I had
> a psychotic episode that ment I went into rehab. After rehab and a review
> I was diagnosed a schizophrenic and put on medications, after a while I
> was put on clozapine which brings me to the present. I have been on
> clozapine for about 9 years and im fed up with being like a flat tyre and
> slight faster heart rate. I have been told about abilify done some reading
> on the web, read the good and bad and now need some experiences of others
> about this newish medication.
> I left out some symptoms like hearing secret messages in tv, radio, the
> wind, the fridge etc etc and paranoia and other general confusion.
> Has anyone else here been on clozapine and then on abilify if so what was
> the effectivness of the medication in regard to hearing thoughts like in
> my case? I dont realy know where to guage my other symptoms, as I do and
> dont believe I still have them, I sort of just live with them.
> Thanks
> GK




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