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The blackmailer
Newsgroup: alt.tv.passions
Posted by:
2007-06-26 14:15:27

I think it is Vincent & Valerie. They are working together. Vincent is
Eve and Julian's son and valerie is the one helping him disappear that
is why they found Valerie in Eve's office. Is anyone with me on this?

I also use to Love Teresa but now I hate her, how can she love ethan
and keep lying to him. She told Julian that he couldn't change
anything with Little Ethan's $ so why doesn't she just tell Ethan?
When she does I think it will be tooo late.

Kay is stupid too, why isn't Tabatha telling her like what kind of
things will happen if she lets the elf help her? Instead of just
telling her not to do it?

This is the most stretched out soap ever but hey I still keep watching
the show.




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