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Re: Actor Change in Mid Scene
Newsgroup: alt.tv.passions
Posted by: Danni
2007-06-26 21:57:34

On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 14:30:07 -0700, Taylor

>On Jun 26, 12:35 pm, Danni wrote:
>> Got to say that was a first for me. A few days ago when Kay called up
>> the little demon.. He started out as one actor. After a commercial,
>> cut to the kitchen and another actor has replaced the first little
>> guy. Tabby explained it as a result of eating something rotten in the
>> refrigerator. This show is always a ... coff... surprise!
>My dad is convinced it's the same actor who played "Mickey" (Kramer's
>friend) from 'Seinfeld', only w/ a beard all of a sudden. Like it was
>a continuity error.

Somebody .. go to the tape.




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