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Re: Linux developers MUST consolidate and release a "master" distro for the general computer/device market.
Newsgroup: cacy
Posted by: yakety yak
2007-10-09 03:21:27

On Mon, 08 Oct 2007 15:07:49 -0700, The Ghost In The Machine wrote:

> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Oxford
> wrote
> on Mon, 08 Oct 2007 15:03:10 -0600
> :
>> George Graves wrote:
>>> Could a company like, for instance, Adobe, release a single
>>> shrink-wrapped fully compiled version of its applications marked "For
>>> Linux" and have it install as easily on ALL modern Linux distributions
>>> as it now does on PCs or Macs? If so, then you're right. But that begs
>>> another question. If all the distros are that alike, why haven't any of
>>> the major software publishers released any of their applications on
>>> Linux?.
>> from my understanding Linux simply doesn't have a modern enough
>> foundation to support high level apps like PhotoShop, InDesign, etc.
> Does Windows? Windows has Photoshop, InDesign, etc. I'd like to know what
> "modern" means in this context, specifically what is in the foundation of
> a "modern OS".





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