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Exim4 Router Question
Newsgroup: comp.os.linux
Posted by: Michael Everson
2007-11-14 00:28:56

Hi guys. I am just trying to make a new router for exim4 to skip the
smarthost for any domains I list in a file.
I have put below what I've written in the config file but I seem to be
having no luck. Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong? Thanks

To build the domainlist I have tried the following 2 methods

# domainlist domains_skip_smarthost = /etc/exim4/domains_skip_smarthost
domainlist domains_skip_smarthost =

The file domains_skip_smarthost contains the following line:

And this is what I have in my router section. If I use the commented part
and list the domains there it works fine, but when I try to use the
+domains_skip_smarthost I have no luck.

debug_print = "R: dnslookup_skip_smarthost for $local_part@$domain"
driver = dnslookup
domains = +domains_skip_smarthost
# domains = testdomain.com:testdomain2.com
transport = remote_smtp
same_domain_copy_routing = yes




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