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The new controversy?
Newsgroup: fido7.su.formula1
Posted by: 3K
2006-08-27 07:41:44

The new controversy?

One of the main talking points in the Istanbul paddock, concerns the
'covers' fitted to the rear wheels of the Ferraris.

According to Ferrari, the "official" purpose of these 'covers' is to aid
cooling of the brakes, however some say they could constitute a movable
aerodynamic device.

For the cars to have made it through thus far, it is clear that the FIA
regards the covers as 'legal', but then it wasn't that long ago that the
sport's governing body expressed a similar lack of concern regarding the
mass damper fitted to the Renaults.

Ferrari's Ross Brawn is (obviously) convinced they are legal, while
several other leading lights in the pitlane have expressed doubts.

As was the case last year, when BAR was 'grassed up' to the FIA, and
following similar events this year, mass dampers and flexi-wings, sooner
or later we can expect someone to approach the sport's governing body to
voice their concern.

With the World Championship now appearing to be swinging in Ferrari's
favour, and with five races remaining, can we expect the FIA to act just
in time to give us a real down to the wire battle in Brazil?

Forza Ferrari!




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