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Re: Excel 2007: numbers randomly change
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.excel.misc
Posted by: Jim Rech
2007-05-19 15:15:58

>>I forgot to mention that I use Excel 2007

It's in your subject. No I haven't seen this phenomenon.

"SJ" wrote in message
>I forgot to mention that I use Excel 2007
> "SJ" wrote:
>> I know it sounds ridiculous, but because it happend couple of times, i
>> wonder
>> if it's happening to anyone else.
>> 1. Some formulars in cells changed randomly. For example, if the original
>> formular was "=d5/d7", it changed to "=d6/d8" even though i haven't
>> inserted
>> any rows or columns.
>> 2. Numbers changed randomly. If the number was "30", it changed to "0"
>> couple of times.
>> Did anybody have similar experience?




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