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Re: Hiding number parts by cell formatting
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.excel.misc
Posted by: RagDyeR
2007-05-19 15:50:33

Say your numbers are in Column A.
Insert a column after your column of numbers, to make a new Column B.

Enter this formula in the new B1:


And copy down as needed.

Hide Column A.


Please keep all correspondence within the Group, so all may benefit!

"Bill G." wrote in message
Hello. I have several cells with numbers, whose digits range from 10 to 13.
I want to show only the last 10 digits for every number. Not actually delete
the first few digits, but have them not show, by cell formatting probably. I
have played a bit with custom cell formatting but there is few info on the
web about the signs that can be used and their function. Any advice?




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