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How to use a macro to change the selected item in data validation
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.excel.misc
Posted by: =?Utf-8?B?TmlraQ==?=
2007-05-19 17:01:23

I have a CT project due this coming up friday. It this quiz thing, no matter.
The problem is that I am tring to make a macro that would, for example,
change the list from "The Answer" to "Please Select". I don't know why it is
not working, but from what I've learned, macros only work if there is an
actual phisical change to the spread sheet, such as writing text, or change
text. But a drop down list has no physical representation in that so named
cell, i would have to change the data table (which are located at the bottom
of my quiz sheet, hidden). So if there is a way to make this work, please
send in your replies. And if not, then please suggest some other ways. This
is really important, I could fail middle school if my grade got to low.





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