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Re: Is there a Java version of CHtmlEditView
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.vc.mfc
Posted by: Sheng Jiang[MVP]
2007-10-09 05:14:33

You probably better dig into MFC source files to find out the OLE interfaces
that needs to be queried and called, and ask how to embed an ActiveX and
call its interfaces in a java group

Sheng Jiang
Microsoft MVP in VC++
"Rita Leon" wrote in message
> Anyone know what the Java equivalent classes are to MFC's
> CHtmlEditView & CHtmlEditCtrl? CHtmlEditView creates an edit window
> for the user to type in the text. CHtmlEditCtrl is a pre-made toolbar
> allowing the user to format text, insert urls and images in an
> CHtmlEditView.
> thx




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