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Re: Linksys Router compatibility with Windows CE
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.windows.networking.wireless
Posted by: xTenn
2007-02-28 16:48:33

Bible John wrote:
> In article ,
> xTenn wrote:
>> Browse to the router and check the firmware date - linksys had a
>> wireless router update sometime back that allowed it to work much better
>> with windows CE and some other devices. Sounds like the library does
>> not have the update - not surprising.
> How can I access the IT room when I do not work there?

Erm, not a physical "browse"... As in IE/firefox/pocketIE/etc.

The firmware date/version of the device is what you are after, not a
physical label.

Depending on the version you may or may not be able to see this without
a password.

I figure the best you can do is to suggest to the library that an update
is needed, if indeed this is the issue.

You did not state whether it is a "g" wireless router or "b", but
firmware updates do address what you describe. For the old "b" wireless
router I HAD to update the firmware before a 3835 winCe device could
function properly. A G router is newer, but still there could be
issues. More info on Linksys G updates are here (no doubt the address
will have to be fixed for wraparound):





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