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Re: working through a router
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.windows.networking.wireless
Posted by: J
2007-03-01 15:52:11

No, I have all the rights I need. I believe it has something to do with
logging into my laptop. I don't believe I'm logging into the domain. I
have clicked on 'Manage my network password' and added my domain password,
but I don't think this is doing anything. Again, I'm interested in using
the same user account on my laptop to log into the domain at work, and to
simply connect to my wireless network at home.

"Gordon" wrote in message
> "J" wrote in message
> news:12ub3ea999iul71@corp.supernews.com...
>> Jack MVP,
>> I wasn't really asking a political question like where do I get
>> permission. I'm interested in getting the services working through the
>> router. On this particular dlink, I put my computer on the 'service
>> network' which says that it by passes the firewall, but I still cannot
>> ping a machine by Windows computer name.
> That's because the administrator of your network at work, hasn't given
> your User permissions to do so! Nothing at all to do with politics.....




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