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RE: The key is provided for me automatically ..
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.windows.networking.wireless
Posted by: =?Utf-8?B?VGhvbWFzUA==?=
2007-03-01 16:56:10

Hello sot, sorry I do not have an answer for you at this time because I
actually just set up a wifi at home yesterday for the first time ever to
accommodate my wife who is going to be home for a while due to medical
reasons. I also have an Acer laptop with XP running on it. I set it up on
the wifi along with my desktop. I also used the automated device encryption
key option as well and set up my laptop with a flash/thumb drive. Everything
has been running fine so far, so I will be looking to see what type of
responses you get just in case I start having the same problems.
Good luck.

"sot" wrote:

> I have an acer laptop with a built in wireless adapter. The windows XP
> wireless network setting under wireless properties; "The key is provided for
> me automatically", resets itself every few days. I have set it to off
> (unchecked) then say 4 or 5 days later I will be unable to connect wirelessly
> and when I look at the the settings that option is checked again causing my
> problem. I feel like I am going mad, has anyone come across this before?




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