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Need for speed
Newsgroup: microsoft.public.windows.networking.wireless
Posted by: Sherry Crawley
2007-03-01 17:14:42

I have Windows XP MCE (with latest updates), D-Link 524 wireless router,
and XBOX 360 with wireless adapter.
I use this configuration to watch recorded TV on the PC via the XBOX 360.
It works fine for the most part, but occasionally there are slow downs
in the video.
MS suggests using an 'A' router. Mine is rated at 54, and I see D-Link
has another one DI-624, rated at 108. Would I see an improvement going
for the 108 unit, or is the XBOX adapter the determining limit?
Anybody have experience using an 'A' router?
Also, D-Link has a router that has 'Speed Booster'. Would that help or
is the same as the 108 unit?

Thanks for any info.




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