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Re: how to aquire data from parallel port
Newsgroup: natinst.public.daq.real-time.general
Posted by: JasonS
2008-06-11 03:10:09

For most users the parallel port is only well suited for "quick and dirty" digital I/O where only a couple pins are needed. Anything beyond this will require external circuitry. For your application you would have to create external circuitry to convert your analog signal to digital, as well as provide for properly buffering the parallel lines to ensure that you do not damage the port on your computer.For anything more than the simplest digital I/O, it makes sense to look at an entry-level USB DAQ device, such as the USB-6008, which will give you much more functionality with very little cost. Of course USB will not be an option if this will be running on a LabVIEW Real-Time controller, in which case you would need a solution which matches your hardware platform.-Jason S.Message Edited by JasonS on 06-10-2008 10:09 PM




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