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Re: Is it possible to put an OPC server on the cRIO controller?
Newsgroup: natinst.public.daq.real-time.general
Posted by: GerardoG
2008-06-11 13:40:09

The short answer is no. You cannot run an OPC server on cRIO or have it act as an OPC client. OPC is based on COM which is inherently a MS Windows technology. In this case cRIO is no different than other PLCs, they all require their own OPC server running on a Windows system. Here's a KnowledgeBase with more information. Recently, the OPC foundation has released a new specification called OPC UA (Unified Architecture). OPC UA is designed to be platform independent and in theory could be embedded on a PAC like cRIO. As with any new specification, it will take time for companies to adopt the new specification. NI is keeping a close eye on this development and we look forward to integrating this technology into our platform in the future.Gerardo




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