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Newsgroup: no.samfunn.seksualitet
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2006-09-09 04:59:44

Jeg kopierer noe en kamerat fra USA fortalte meg, som jeg selv har
pr=F8vd siden med stort hell! =D8kte med 5 cm her :)

Okk, I have read this forum for a while, and all this talk about big
penises really got me tempted try get one myself heh. I've never been
very big, about 15cm, guess thats pretty common. But I wanted more, and
after trying many different methods and procedures to make it bigger I
never really didnt have much. But about 2 months ago a friend
reccommanded me a site where he had become a member to get access to
some training and exercise material that he claimed worked perfect. He
had gone from about 16cm to 22 in 4 months or so. It sounded amazing to
me but I checked out their site http://truepenis.onestop.net and wasnt
sure, didnt look very fancy or anything pretty plain and simple. But as
my friend had good results I decied to try it myself and made an order.
I got access to download some manuals, 2 of them, with about 80 pages
each, explaining all kinds of methods with great detail and
illustrations, and they even had videoclips showing how to perform the
different methods. Was really good material, but I still wasnt sure if
it actually works, mostly its about different stretching techniques and
simple devices you can make yourself to put on the penis to keep it in
vaccums and stretches. Personlly I tried out the methods i only needed
to use my own hand (and some lube on some) and did a couple different
ones daily. It is now as said 2 months later, and I am amazed to see
that I have actually grown from 15cm to close to 20cm! Its the perfect
size I always wanted, never though that was possible, and specially
without any medications or surgeries or anything! Only like 5-15
minutes work a day and results came quickly, even after a week or so i
could notice a difference. I would love to upload the manuals and
videos I got from them and put it here but I am not sure if that would
be a wise thing? In any case I highly reccommand that site, worked
perfectly for both me and my friend, and its the best material on how
to get a big penis I have seen so far! If anyone else try it out, feel
free to post the results here in this thread so we can see how it goes
for others. I myself am a very happy man now at least

http://truepenis.onestop.net , Big penis for all!




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