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Re: Netware/IP 2.2
Newsgroup: novell.support.netware.4x
Posted by: Wallgames.com
2006-07-17 21:55:52

I looked in my store room. I still have a copy of Netware/IP 2.1.

However, what you are really looking for might be Novell's BorderManager 3.0
product, which allowed LAN to LAN and Workstation to LAN VPN connections.

A less costly approach might be pcAnywhere, which can authenticate through

Best wishes,
Bob Carroll

wrote in message
> Hi,
> I want to install Netware/IP 2.2 on my Netware 4.11 server. Can I still
> find it for download? If yes, from wich URL?
> I want to do an ip tunnel over ipx for a VPN client accessing Netware via
> Internet. As I read, Netware/IP 2.2 is the best product for Netware 4.11.
> Good help would be appreciate!
> Thank you.
> Lecamp




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