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Re: OT? - How to deal with a Craigslist customer
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.beads
Posted by: Maren at google
2008-01-23 05:13:12

On Jan 22, 8:05 am, "Zk" wrote:
> We don't deliver; the buyers pick up from us, or we arrange to meet them at
> a mutually convenient location if we're already planning to be in their
> area. Same for FreeCycle or local equivalent. As buyers, we don't ask for
> delivery either. If she needs delivery, I would charge extra to cover cost
> of time / fuel / wear & tear on vehicle.

Thanks Kathy,
I find that particularly convenient when people buy plants. They are
big, that one tree I was selling was getting a bit too big to not
get damaged by wind in my truck bed.
It's just that one person. She emails me about about 50% of
what I post, but always only things that cost $1-2, and then
expects me to deliver that for free. She says she never comes to
town - well I don't usually drive to the area where she lives. If I
going to the beach or diving along that stretch of road it would be a
different matter.

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