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Re: Snow Day = Bead Day
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.beads
Posted by: Beckibead
2008-01-23 22:59:53

Karleen -- I know how they are doing it. Some of the sellers on
justbeads asked me before they started posting their "combos" there,
if they could do the same thing I did? LOL. I said sure (why would I
care). Competition is good!!

I am buying strands of beads on ebay for $3. That is, .99 and two
dollars shipping. Honest to goodness $3. Have purchased big groups
of stone pendants for as little as .49 each. That makes a kit you can
start at under $10.

Ebay has changed the global economy of beads. End of story. I can't
IMAGINE where they are getting the beads to start with -- I think
someone in another country is stealing them for them!!! Honestly, I
think I re-purchase a lot of "closeout" sales. I'm buying from
someone who got one heck of a price in the first place.

Either way -- or any other way, included -- I am now paying lower
prices for bead purchases than ever in my bead history. Including
straight wholesale. You can find beads on the internet at
astronomically low prices. You just have to look.

I wish I could quit looking. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

My boyfriend got laid off today and I am committed to helping him with
the bills (he is worth any effort I might make to help him, a
wonderful man in many ways). So I may be re-selling some of my own
"deals" real soon. Stay tuned.





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