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Re: Snow Day = Bead Day
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.beads
Posted by: Maren at google
2008-01-24 05:04:49

On Jan 23, 12:59 pm, Beckibead wrote:

> I am buying strands of beads on ebay for $3. That is, .99 and two
> dollars shipping. Honest to goodness $3. Have purchased big groups
> of stone pendants for as little as .49 each. That makes a kit you can
> start at under $10.

Haven't gotten into either Ebay or justbeads yet, I just got a full
rate box off the 'net, put my order of what I wanted to order together
and had it filled up with fresh water pearls. Not the greatest fresh
pearls ever, but my LBS wants $12 per strand. I'm reselling mine for
$2.- with a rather large discount on multiples.

> Ebay has changed the global economy of beads. End of story. I can't
> IMAGINE where they are getting the beads to start with -- I think
> someone in another country is stealing them for them!!! Honestly, I
> think I re-purchase a lot of "closeout" sales. I'm buying from
> someone who got one heck of a price in the first place.

I think I'm doing the same with beads at the moment what I do
in grocery shopping. You get what you need at the time, and
buy all the other stuff that keeps when it's on sale. In a town
where the cheapest (Wal-mart) canned cat food goes for $0.44
(some stores charge almost 3 times that), I have on occasion
found some for $0.29.

> Either way -- or any other way, included -- I am now paying lower
> prices for bead purchases than ever in my bead history. Including
> straight wholesale. You can find beads on the internet at
> astronomically low prices. You just have to look.
> I wish I could quit looking. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Is that ever the truth ... (me too)

> My boyfriend got laid off today

sorry to hear. Hope it isn't long term out of work.

> and I am committed to helping him with
> the bills (he is worth any effort I might make to help him, a
> wonderful man in many ways). So I may be re-selling some of my own
> "deals" real soon. Stay tuned.

I for one don't mind ads here, especially from "regulars". - You've
been here way longer than me.

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