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Re: Pipe benders
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking
Posted by: William Noble
2008-05-26 06:03:32

"Michael Koblic" wrote in message
> This is another tool I have no experience with, I have not even seen in
> real life.
> I came across a few as "other items sold on EBay". The concept intrigued
> me as, in future, I will have a need to bend pipes and solid rods up to
> 1/2" or so into varying shapes.
> I did a search and found a bewildering quantity of tools, all purported to
> do the same thing:
> -some were hand held and bent the pipe/rod in a fixed radius - these were
> cheap
> -some were floor/bench top mounted and had several dies, presumably to
> provide different radii. Some of these had different attachments to make
> rings, twist metal into corkscrew shapes etc. They varied between
> $80-$1000.
> -some were hydraulic
> -some were really, really big and expensive.
> I could not find an article which would provide an overview of their use,
> a review of different makes etc.
> So the question is this: Does anyone here have an experience with this
> sort of tool? Are there types/manufacturers to go for? Are there any
> caveats?
> I am thinking versatility, low volume, low cost.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> --
> Michael Koblic,
> Campbell River, BC

what kinds of bends are you planning? remember a video posted here about a
gentleman making wind instruments - he used wooden dies to bend brass
tubing, and filled tubing with pitch (or low metlt metal) to prevent
collapsing - maybe you don't need a new tool after all (sorry to bring
possibly bad news)


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