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Ebay stuff...what do I with with em?
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking
Posted by: Gunner Asch
2008-05-26 06:19:12

On a whim, since Ive purchased from them before, and can do local
pickup...I bid on and won
Ebay #s


This 150lb pig is a 220volt 1ph input power supply, with switched
voltages from 6vts to 40vts DC, at up to 60 amps per range with
switchable current limiting from 3-60 amps

Picture didnt show the volt ranges very well, but hoped..hoped that it
would be adjustable downwards. Thought it might make a decent

Any suggestions to other uses?

Other item I purchased was


I think,,,think that these are programable temperature controllers,
useful for running a heat treating furnace

There are (5) in the lot, if anyone wants to purchase one from me.
I only need at most (2)

Beckman doesnt seem to have the manual available without going through
all sorts of bullshit

Btw..the seller is good....but there is one catch..they charge
handling....Usually for small items...$10 for the "fill the box with
foam"..however..I was EXTREMELY pissed off to be charged $44 for
"handling" for the two auction items above, for local pickup.

I nearly always leave the foam and box behind when I pick the stuff
up. Ive bought a fair amount of stuff from them in the last couple
months...with NO break on "handling", which is often far more than
what I paid for the item originally.

Im having to reevaluate my future puchases from them......

And emailing them is like pissing into the wind. Calling them is

When I ask them if they have say...a function generator for sale, they
say no, then 2 days later one goes up on auction. selling for less
than what Id pay cash...



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