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Re: ZIP drive to swap...
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking
Posted by: Gunner Asch
2008-05-26 06:22:45

On Sun, 25 May 2008 21:31:37 -0500, Ignoramus22089

>As much as I wish you success selling these, I doubt that you will get
>very far with 100mb ZIP drives. I use USb hard drives for backup and
>also rdiff-backup for remote backup from home to work.

4 gig flash drives are $15
8 gigs are $25

Ive got about 10 Zip drives, both the 100 meg and 250 meg that Id give
But they sure did fill a need for a long time though.

Anyone want a Syquest drive or 3? 1 gig.....


>On 2008-05-25, Dave August wrote:
>> Ok guys,
>> A friend gave me an old box to scrap that had a ZIP drive in it, he also
>> gave me eight 100MB disks for it, two of which are new and unopened.
>> I KNOW some of you still use this stuff .. so make me an offer in trade... I
>> sure ain't gonna try and fleaBay this to get 10 bucks...
>> If it's a regular here like Gunner, or Iggy, or one of the "Don's" I'll
>> send it no questions asked, somebody else may have to persuade me they won't
>> rip me off for the shipping.
>> What do I want?.. Hell I dunna-no.. A couple of 64th 5C collets would
>> probably get it...
>> Don't respond here, drop me an e-mail, I'm sure you can figure out how to
>> get rid of the NOSPAM before you respond, and put ZIP DRIVE SWAP in the
>> subject, even with SpamAssissian I still take a couple 100 a day...
>> I won't necessarily take the first offer, just some thing worth while.

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