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Re: How to REALLY cut US taxes
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking
Posted by: strabo
2008-05-26 06:46:27

mariposas rand mair fheal wrote:
> In article <2m8_j.1235$5H6.168@fe107.usenetserver.com>,
> "Hawke" wrote:
>> That is the job of law enforcement. They do that for a living. They are good
>> at it. But suspicious means different and out of the ordinary, things that
>> don't fit. Like a campacino in Beverly Hills.
> ah
> so you mean people who dont know their place
> have you ever read books like native son
> or how bigger felt walking in his employers neighborhood
>>> What are your reasons.
>> They acted suspicious. Have you ever crossed the border into the US? When
> customs is a special case and has been since the early days of the republic
> customs has a right to search anyone entering the country
> without warrant or probable cause
> the powers and activities of customs are irrelevant to the country as a whole

Not for those who elude customs.

Round and round we go...

>>> Please do identify those characteristics that you would then allow the
>>> government to investigate a person.
>> First I would look for where I know illegal aliens congregate, where they
>> seek work, and where they live. Then I would look for people who acted
>> suspicious or scared or when I asked them simple, basic questions, they
> youre already off the law
> refusal to cooperate with search or questioning is not probable cause
> probable cause has to be established
> prior to compelling a person to answer the first question
> it has to be established before even compelling a person to stop
> probable cause has to be that a specific person committed a specific crime
> walking while mexican is not a crime

Talking like a Mexican in the midst of a 20,000,000 illegal alien
invasion is probable cause.

But let's be clear, the appropriate way to end part of this debacle
is to shut off the job spigot. It is illegal to hire an illegal
alien. Why? Because they're illegal aliens. And so your Socialist
buddies in Congress are desperately trying to sneak through an
amnesty bill. That way you can legitimatize this unlawful and
destructive act.

>> enough to make me suspicious. I would look at their ID. Then if they looked
>> like a Mexican that would be another piece of evidence. It's not brain
>> surgery. You add up the evidence and when it comes out to "not an American
>> citizen" you make an arrest.
> its brain surgery
> its just bigotry
>>> It isn't, really? So when I come across two people, born in guam, who
>>> speak little if any English, what is the protocol you propose.
>> You check them out. Investigate. See if they have a legal reason to be here
> guam like puerto rico is us territory
> people born in guam like puerto rico are us citizens
> they dont need a legal reason to travel in the usa
> its their right

They are conditional citizens, federalized citizens.

Round and round we go...

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