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Re: Noah's Ark
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking
Posted by: Al Patrick
2008-07-13 02:57:13


I'll bet that's very similar to the questions they asked Noah. Remember, he worked on
that ark for almost 120 years. However, A few years back they found that the "Gopher
wood" referred to in the KJV of the Bible was "gophered (laminated) wood" and huge beams
were made by assembling multiple boards together. These were held together with *metal*
*pins* which had large *metal* washers on either side and had been braded so that the pin
served as a very large rivet. It was also learned that this *metal* pin and it's *metal*
washer was made from a type of brass or bronze *thought* not to exist until about 50 to 75
years ago. I wonder how Noah knew to make this brass or bronze thousands of years ago and
the geniuses of today only learned how to do it less than 100 years ago. Do you think
"somebody" may have told him?

I started to question your "God bothering" comment but I suppose you could be right.
Since there are many gods or the first commandment could not exist as it says thou shalt
have No Other Gods before Me. To lift one up must in some slight way tend to "bother" the
other gods. Congratulations.



Grumpy wrote:
> Just what part of this is "metalwork" bone head?
> Why can't you stick to the God bothering newsgroups and save us all some
> time ?
> "Al Patrick" wrote in message
> news:juqdnay1ypKQG-XVnZ2dnUVZ_rvinZ2d@posted.internetofbeaufortcounty...
>> RogerN wrote:
>>> Ask a liberal, they think it's OK to kill children through abortion but
>>> don't want to see a serial murderer get the death sentence. We all agree
>>> it's terrible when our troops get killed in Iraq fighting terrorism but
>>> liberals think innocent children should get the death penalty for their
>>> own convenience.
>> Ecclesiastes 10:2,
>> "A wise man's heart directs him toward the right,
>> but the foolish man's heard directs him toward the left."




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