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Re: measuring play in quill+spindle of milling machines & drills
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking
Posted by: Jon Elson
2008-07-13 03:17:10

Hul Tytus wrote:
> rec.crafts.metalworking
> measuring play in quill+spindle of milling machines & drills
> Ned & Jon - thanks for the data and the insight regarding the flexure of the
> head & stand or body of the tool. The numbers both of you mention are
> reasuring.
> A gap is left, however. Have either of you made measurements along
> the lines I described? Possibly more significant would be mounting an
> indicator on the table touching the spindle and then applying a measured
> force between the spindle & the table. Both left & right and then again
> in & out would be best and indicate what could be expected tolerence wise.
Well, the measurement on my Bridgeport is not much different, if
you include the turret - ram - head knuckle - head stackup.
Maybe .0015 - .002" with a 50 Lb load applied both ways. I have
a home-made hack-job of a jury-rig to mount a J-head on a
machine originally made for an M-head. It is totally inadequate
for the weight and tool extension possible with the J-head,
but I am using it anyway.

I applied force manually pushing against the floor, not touching
the machine table, as that is yet another stack-up of movable
parts, and probably a lot looser that the spindle/quill, if you
include the leadscrew backlash.





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