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Re: PICTURES -- Lathe transport, cleanup etc (it runs)
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking
Posted by: Jon Elson
2008-07-13 03:24:02

Ignoramus24584 wrote:
> Pictures of how I moved it (was not a big deal):
> http://igor.chudov.com/projects/Clausing-Colchester-13-36-Master-Lathe/06-Transporting/
> Pictures of initial cleanup and reassembly:
> http://igor.chudov.com/projects/Clausing-Colchester-13-36-Master-Lathe/07-Cleanup-And-Reassembly/
> I just started working on it. The good news is that it seems to run
> and switch speeds, power feeds etc.
> The bad news is that it has considerable wear, as far as I could
> tell. Also what I thought was a on/off/brake lever, does not seem to
> switch anything so the lathe is on when the speed selector is on. The
> speed selector has five positions, REV2, REV1, OFF, FWD1, FWD2. I will
> post a separate question about it.

Quite impressive! You need to quantify the wear, to see if it
can still do easy jobs, or if it must be rebuilt pretty much
immediately. I can give lots of advice in how to turn it into a
2-year project, if you are looking for such self-abuse, as I did
that on my 15" Sheldon lathe.





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